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Making a Difference in the Houston Community & Beyond

Your support for science education helps us to continue to provide innovative programs and resources.
Will be reworking content on this page to be specific to this location

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Annual Fund
Inspiration to learn and the joy of doing so… that’s what the Houston Museum of Natural Science has delivered to our visitors for more than 100 years.
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The President’s Society
Your gift provides visitors of all ages with world-class exhibitions, innovative STEM programming, and unparalleled educational resources that spark a lifelong love of learning.
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Fundraising Events
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Corporate Giving
Become a Partner in Science and demonstrate your company’s support of science education to the museum’s roughly two million annual visitors. The museum offers Annual Corporate Supporters benefits and unique experiences for executives, employees and clients. Corporate benefit levels begin at $5,000 and are designed to meet the needs of your company.
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Planned Giving
If the Houston Museum of Natural Science has enriched your life, you may wish to consider making a planned gift that will help sustain its mission of science education for future generations.
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Did you know that many companies offer matching gift programs? Some companies will even match monetary gifts made by employees’ spouses or use volunteer grants to provide financial donations in recognition of ongoing engagement.

Thank You
Generations past and present have peered through our microscopes and telescopes and asked, “Why?” They’ve examined jaw bones, rock layers and antennae and asked, “How come?” The Houston Museum of Natural Science inspires tomorrow’s science leaders—to cure disease, to travel to distant worlds, to prepare for and be resilient to weather events, and to ensure abundant food, energy and clean drinking water.